Right to cancel a purchase

If you purchase something by mail order, over the phone, from TV-shop, on the internet or via door-to-door sales you have the right to cancel your purchase within 14 days, this applies within Sweden.

When you purchase from a store on the other hand, you have no right according to the law to cancel your purchase.This is regulated by the Door-to-Door Sales Act which includes the requirement that the seller must provide clear information about how you can cancel your purchase.

Distance contracts

When you purchase goods at a distance on the Internet, the period you have to cancel your purchase starts on the day you receive your purchase or a considerable part of it. If you purchase something from another EU country, for example on the Internet, you also have the right to cancel your purchase (a cooling-off period), but the amount of time you have to cancel might be shorter than 14 days. You will find more information about shopping across borders at Konsument Europas’ web site (information in Swedish and English).

The right to cancel a purchase also applies if you have reached a distance agreement to receive a service. It may for example be trade services, but the law also applies to agreements for certain financial services such as loans, insurances and payment services. The cooling-off period of 14 days also applies to services, except for life insurances and individual private pension savings. Then the right to cancel is 30 days. As a rule, the cooling-off period starts on the day the agreement is reached. When you buy life insurance, the cooling-off period starts on the day you are notified that the agreement has been concluded.

The cancellation period however never starts until you have received all the information the seller must provide you with. When you purchase financial services, the cooling-off period does not start until you receive the terms of the contract. 

Door-to-door sales

The rules regarding door-to-door sales apply if you purchase, hire or offer a price for a product or enter into an agreement for a service with a company in your own home. The rules also apply when the seller organises a trip to a place outside his permanent place of sale. In addition, the rules apply for Home Parties and for agreements that you for example enter into at your place of work, on a train journey or any other place where it may be difficult for you to get away from a sales person.  Even with door-to-door sales you have a 14 day cancellation period. If you enter into an agreement for life insurance, you have more time to cancel it, 30 days.

Information document

When you enter into a home sales agreement, the seller must provide you with a document which informs you about your cancellation rights and provides you with the name and address of the person to contact if you want to exercise your right to cancel. You sign one copy of the document to confirm that you have received it. Along with the information document you also receive a cancellation form that you can use if you want to cancel.

The cancellation period is the same for home sales as for distance agreements. The cancellation period does not start until you have received the information and the cancellation form.

If you have received a good or materials at a home visit, you must keep the good or materials available in order for the seller to be able to pick it up at your home. If you received the good or the material at a later date, it is your duty to return the good to the seller. You then have the right to receive compensation for reasonable return expenses.

Return freight

If you choose to cancel the purchase in the event of a distance agreement, you have to pay for the return freight yourself. As regards home and telephone sales, the seller has to pay for the return freight.


In certain instances the rules regarding homes sales do not apply. For example if the total price of your purchase is less than SEK 300 or if the agreement is entered at a home visit arranged on your own initiative and express request.

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