Program - Consumers and businesses in digital markets – An unequal relationship?

The digital conference is organised by the Swedish Consumer Agency, its Scientific Council, in partnership with Maastricht University. The webinar will be held on October 15, 2020, 13.00-17.00 (CET).



13.00-13.15 – Welcome and introduction

  • Cecilia Tisell, Director General, the Swedish Consumer Agency
  • Antonina Bakardjieva Engelbrekt, Professor of European Law, Stockholm University and member of the Swedish Consumer Agency’s Scientific Council
  • Catalina Goanta, Assistant Professor, Maastricht University, and moderator.

Session 1

The first session focuses on consumer and business behaviour in digital markets, and its opportunities and challenges.


  • Opportunities and challenges in digital markets – the consumer view. Speaker: Sinan Akdag, Digital expert, the Swedish Consumer’s Association.
  • Consumer Behaviour and the Consumer Policy craft. Speaker: Andreas Maaloe Jespersen, Specialist, Danska Konkurrence og Forbrugerstyrelsen

  • Consumer Behaviour in Digital and Data-driven Markets (Rationality and Decision-making). Speaker: Poja Shams, Associate Professor, Karlstad University

  • Competition and Market Behaviour: The Use of Consumer Data. Speaker: Anna Barker, Competition expert, OECD

14.05-14.15 – Interaction and questions

  • Moderator

Session 2

The second session focuses on an illustration of the potential challenges in digital markets, Dark Patterns, namely the use of UX/UI (user experience and interface) as a means of influencing consumer decisions.


  • Dark Patterns: An Interview. Speaker: Dr Harry Brignull, User Experience Specialist and founder of
  • Dark Patterns at Scale. Speaker: Arunesh Mathur, Postdoctoral research fellow, Princeton University

14.50-15.00– Interaction and questions

  • Moderator

15.00-15.15 – Coffee break


Session 3

The third session proposes a discussion on different regulatory tools and policy approaches for addressing the challenges and strengthening the position of consumers in digital markets. 


  • Digital Vulnerability. Speaker: Natali Helberger, Professor of Information Law, University of Amsterdam (Co-authors: Marijn Sax and Joanna Strycharz)
  • Digital Asymmetry in the Directive 2005/29/EC on unfair commercial practices. Speaker: Hans Micklitz, Professor of Economic Law, University of Helsinki

  • Digital Consumer Markets from a Business Perspective. Speaker: Carolina Brånby, Director Digital Policy, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise


  • EU Perspective and the Digital Services Act. Speaker: Werner Stengg, Cabinet Expert for Digital Policy, European Commission

Session 4

The last session opens up for a dialogue and reflections.


  • Dialogue and reflections: All
  • Closing the webinar: Director General
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