Product safety

Produktsäkerhet - English

Goods and services must be safe for consumers and must not lead to any injuries. Therefore, according to the Product Safety Act, companies that have sold dangerous products and services have to notify the Swedish Consumer Agency.

Individual consumers can also report dangerous products to the Swedish Consumer Agency. More information on how to file a complaint can be found in the article "This is how to file a complaint".

Look for the CE marking when you buy toys and personal safety equipment

If a product is CE marked, it means that the manufacturer promises that the product fulfills prevailing safety requirements for that particular product. However, it does not mean that the product has been controlled by an authority or other control agency.

Only certain products are required to be CE marked, for example toys and personal safety equipment. Many products have standards that facilitate the assessment of safety.

Small articles can be dangerous for small children

Small articles, such as loose parts on toys, can be dangerous for small children. If a small child gets a small part in his/her throat there is a risk of choking. 

For more information about safety issues contact a Consumer advisor within your municipality. The Consumer advisor will know how you can get hold of a test cylinder.

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