Consumer advice

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Here you can find contact information to several places where you can receive independent guidance free of charge.

If you have a problem with something you purchased and have a hard time coming to an agreement with the vendor, you have the right to receive assistance from a Consumer advisor.

Municipal Consumer advisors

Most municipalities in Sweden offer their residents consumer advice. The Consumer advisor in your municipality can give you advice on individual disputes and other financial matters. Consumer advisors work in close contact with The Swedish Consumer Agency.

Search for your Consumer advisor’s contact information at Hallå konsument

Consumer information via Hallå Konsument

Hallå konsument (Hello consumer) is an information service which provides consumers with independent guidance. The counsellors answer questions and help you get in touch with experts at other government agencies, consumer rights bureaus, or municipal consumer guidance services. You can contact Hallå konsument via or by telephone, chat, or e-mail. 

To Hallå konsument’s website

ECC Sweden for trade within the EU

ECC Sweden aids consumers when buying from other EU countries, Norway, Iceland, and the UK. ECC Sweden offers free guidance before a purchase or help if problems arise after the purchase. The goal is for consumers to utilise all the benefits of the common market. 

ECC Sweden is partially financed by the European Commission and is part of the European Consumer Centre (ECC-net).

To ECC Sweden’s website

Within a few select markets consumer bureaus provide guidance free of charge

Information and guidance for questions regarding banks and finances at the Swedish Consumers’ Banking and Finance Bureau

Information and guidance for questions regarding insurance at the Swedish Consumers’ Insurance Bureau

Information and guidance for questions regarding energy markets at the Swedish Consumer Energy Market Bureau

Information and guidance for questions regarding phone, TV and internet at Telekområdgivarna (The Telecom Advisors)