This is how you apply for KO support

Ansök om KO-biträde - English

The Consumer Ombudsman, KO, can sometimes help consumers to solve a dispute with a company. KO then represents the consumer in court or in relation to the Enforcement Authority. This help is called KO support.

KO will only support a consumer under certain circumstances. The dispute shall either be significant for the application of the law, i.e. to clarify the legal situation within a certain area, or the dispute shall be of common consumer interest, i.e. concern a great number of consumers. When KO supports a consumer in a dispute, the state covers the consumer's legal expenses.

KO determines whether a dispute is suitable for KO support when a consumer submits an application.

The application should be sent by postal mail to

Box 48
651 02 Karlstad

The Swedish Consumer Agency is a government agency. This means, according to the general rule, that all documents received by the Swedish Consumer Agency/KO become public and can therefore be requested and read by the general public.