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The Swedish Consumer Agency/KO
Street address: Tage Erlandergatan 8A, Karlstad
Postal address: Box 48, 651 02 Karlstad
Telephone: +46 (0)771 - 42 33 00

Fax: +46 (0)54 - 19 41 95

Office hours: Monday-Friday, 08.00-16.00

The Swedish Consumer Agency is a government agency. This means, according to the general rule, that all documents received by the Swedish Consumer Agency/KO become public and can therefore be requested and read by the general public.

Independent guidance to consumers

The Swedish consumer agency provides an information service with independent guidance directly to consumers. The information service collaborates with a number of government agencies, the four consumer rights bureaus, and municipal consumer guidance services.  Our information service also include ECC Sweden which offers free guidance to persons who have purchased a product or service from another EU country, Norway, Iceland, and the UK.

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