When the product does not comply with the law

När produkten inte uppfyller lagen - English

Product safety is assessed on the basis of several different laws, including the Product Safety Act. If it turns out that a product (an item or a service) does not meet the requirements of the law or if the item is dangerous, you may ultimately be prohibited from selling the product and forced to recall it.

When the Swedish Consumer Agency becomes aware that your product does not meet the safety requirements, we will contact you to discuss the violation and try to come to an agreement with you regarding a voluntary corrective action. If you do not voluntarily take the necessary measures, we may issue a sales ban or take other measures.  

The injunction is usually accompanied by a penalty payment, i.e. a fixed amount of money. If you have not implemented the measures we asked you to implement, the penalty will be imposed. The penalty is imposed by the Swedish courts after we submit an application. 

Serious defects may result in a penalty 

If you have intentionally or negligently (on purpose or through carelessness) violated your obligations under the Product Safety Act, you may be required to pay a so-called penalty. The penalty amount is a minimum of SEK 5000 and a maximum of SEK 5 million. The penalty is imposed by the Swedish courts after we submit an application. 

Proofread 25 September 2023

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