The Product Safety Act

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The Product Safety Act requires that all goods and services that companies offer to consumers must be safe. The purpose of the law is to prevent personal injury.

The Product Safety Act applies 

The law applies to goods and services offered by businesses to consumers. The law applies to all consumer products that do not fall under any product-specific legislation, but it also serves as a basis when product-specific legislation lacks requirements. 

The Product Safety Act does not apply 

The law does not apply to goods intended solely for professional purposes. In simple terms, the law does not apply to the extent that the product is subject to safety requirements or other provisions of any other product safety statute. 

When a product is safe 

According to the Product Safety Act, a product or service is safe if, in normal or reasonably predictable use, it does not present a risk, or presents a low risk, to people’s health and safety. Because the Product Safety Act does not have specify exact requirements for products, it is important that you keep track of which numerous laws and regulations, e.g. standards, apply to your item or service. 

Provide safety information 

If you are a manufacturer of an item, or if you, as a company, offer a service, you must provide such safety information as is necessary in order for the consumer to assess the risks associated with the item or service and be able to protect her/himself against these risks. Safety information may only be omitted if the risks associated with an item or service are obvious. 

As a manufacturer, you are responsible for reviewing and keeping records of complaints received regarding injury risks. Therefore, an item or its packaging must be labelled with certain particulars: 

  • the name and address of the manufacturer and
  • a reference to the item and the lot to which it belongs. 

Warn about and recall dangerous products 

If you, as a company, become aware that you are selling, or have sold, a dangerous product, you must act as soon as possible to prevent injuries. Examples of appropriate measures include halting sales of the item and informing consumers about the risk of injury. This information should help consumers avoid harm. You can provide information via, e.g. advertising in newspapers and on the internet or through a direct message to the customers. 

If the risk of injury entailed by the item cannot be eliminated by other means, you are obliged to withdraw the item. You are also subject to a notification obligation that obliges you to inform the supervisory authority of the dangerous item or service and of the measures you have taken to prevent harm to consumers. 

Safe products - Your responsability

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